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Guru Jara – About the Master



Guru Jara
is a world-renowned mystic and teacher of spiritual wisdom. In the US, his teachings were described as a “syncretistic faith combining yoga, tantra, Kabbalah, Buddhism with a form of Christianity and ancient Egyptian teachings with the study of time (e.g. Astrology) and space (e.g. Feng shui) here and now of the current man.”


From early childhood, Jara experienced deep spiritual states and visions. He could foresee the future and read people’s thoughts. However, he didn´t find understanding in his surroundings, especially the totalitarian regime of the former Czechoslovakia.


Shortly after his 18th birthday, in the summer of 1989, he emigrated from Czechoslovakia. He began his path as a traveler, mountain climber and photographer. During the next few years, he studied spiritual teachings and art in the Vatican and in the monasteries of Tibet; he meditated in the Himalayas, in Egypt and other places around the world.


In 1991, at his Italian hermitage near Arco, Guru Jara reached Nirvana (full enlightenment). Four years later, after a night spent secretly in the Pyramid of Menkaure in Giza (Egypt), he reached the so-called ancient Egyptian Initiation, and consequently also Mahamudra – Nirvana of the Tantric path. After the completion of the two main spiritual paths, Enlightenment and Initiation, he began to pass on his knowledge to people.



Since 1995, Guru Jara’s students have seen him perform many miracles.  He healed people of incurable diseases, as others have witnessed; he changed his form, time and space. He could predict the future and could read in the past and future of every person, every place, city, nation, community. He was able to give a new dimension to teaching yoga, astrology, feng shui and to the practicing of many kinds of meditation. At the same time, he never concealed being a tantric. Many students believed and still believe Guru Jara to be a prophet, an avatar of God, i.e. the divine incarnation in a human body.


Guru Jara always placed great emphasis on spiritual practice that appropriately matched the opportunities and needs of the modern individual in a technically oriented, consumerist society. These teachings, in which he links modern life with ancient doctrines and thousand-years-old spiritual principles, provide a new perspective on human life. They free an individual from the influence of hypnosis of the consumerist world and add a spiritual dimension to human existence. Guru Jara leads people to the freedom of spirit, profession of spiritual values, seeking answers to the questions of who I am and what the meaning of earthly life is.



“Sir, they will close the grid soon.” The light went off. It was only yesterday, I was saying good bye to my Masters in the darkest streets in Jerusalem. The feeling of suffocation invaded the body. Easy. Easy. Sahara and the stone of the Pyramid. The rush of Giza. The voices of guards. Everything was drifting away. The darkness and the creaking of the key. We still have one hour left before the ritual will start. It’s good luck to have instructions. The brain is repeating the salutation to the Sphinx. Called by Arabians “Father of the terror”. The philosopher and prophet of the 19th century called our civilization the tumor. His prophecy was announcing what the 20th century has accomplished: “The God is dead.” And today I’m leaving this world forever. I’m entering the world where all the confusions of the modern world will die. Suddenly I see the dream of this fictitious living. I still have to wait before I turn the antique compass, before I draw the door circle with the peculiar substance. Suddenly I see how the doctors are giving me back the breath and the life when I’m eleven.  

Suddenly I see myself running into the freedom beyond the barbed wire when I’m eighteen. First teachers in Vatican. I see months in the woods, mountains and the old hut. I see the moment next to the well when, in the cold rain, the awaking came and with it the understanding of how I was bothering the materialistic world since I was a child. I even see the Russian and Indian teachers from Jerusalem how they are persuading me to teach. Everything is melting above summer-time Egypt. I’m inside one of pyramids in Giza. Alone. With instructions. With the sacred instruments that will have the chance again… after decades. I’m waiting, surrendering myself, until the Last pilgrimage to the infinity will start. Eternal Pilgrimage. “

Guru Jara – „The Pilgrim to Immortality“, 1999.




01-Freedom1. A young successful climber with an immense longing for freedom was running away through secret trails in the Alps. He emigrated to Italy when he was only eighteen years old.

02-Vatikan2. With a desire to explore the whole world and to climb his dream mountains, he decided to live the life of his idols, adventurers. However, a monk walked into his path and he kept asking him: “What do you think, what is the meaning of your life?”


03-Library3. The insistent question awakened the mystical experiences from his childhood. New possibilities, teachers and a period of study of Christianity in Rome, kept coming. An encounter with “the old monks” has changed his life.

04-Hermitage-varinta4. The see surf or the solitude of the mountain hermitages were helping him go deeper into his heart. After years of prayers and meditations, after years of an extraordinary effort, the highest experience came to him.

05-Enlightenment5. On his way from the cave of “The Good and The Bad” back to the civilization, he was hiding from the rain by a spring. It was 1991 and Master reached the Realization of the dry path, Nirvana, here.

07-Pyramids in Giza6. While deepening the acquired disciplines, in the next years he travelled through countless number of countries; he gained the highest mastery in the field of meditation, karmic astrology and healing. His journey led him to the exceptional night in Mikerin pyramid.

09-Initiation7. In 1995, during the highest initiation to ancient Egyptian doctrines and the ritual of opening of the third eye, he became the Master of pyramids. With the Initiation, his journey has just begun.

11-Haridvar8. During his journey to Haridwar (India), Guru Jara was acknowledged as a Holy man. He received the opportunity to walk the same path again, this time from the “other” side, and reached the Realization of the wet “tantric” path. Three months after the Initiation in the Egyptian pyramid, he reached Mahamudra. He started to teach the public. People’s interest as well as his prestige was growing fast.

21-Ritual 49. Indian teachers initiated Guru Jara to the highest mysteries of tantra. The tantric liturgy of “Unhooking” frees the women of connection with their former sexual partners and gives these “mudras” back their original purity and virgin perfection.

15-odrtnen10. He was also helping his students, through the heeling ritual of “Unthorning”, to get rid of the negative ties from ex-lovers of their partners, the energy thorns. You can read how to go about it in the tantric novel Casanova sutra.

wandering-around_stars11. „Roving around the stars” is the title of one of Guru Jara’s legendary seminars, which are whole-heartedly remembered even after twenty years. About hundred students attended the seminars. Despite the numbers, Guru Jara was always able to perceive the needs of each individual sensitively and lead everyone to their unique spiritual experience.

12-Kitak12. Kitak, Guru Jara’s first ashram in India. The interest for his teachings was enormous. Apart from New Age students from all over the world, Tibetan monks and Indian yoga teachers were coming to study here as well.

13-Nepal13. In the Nepalese center, his closest disciple, Sri Barbora Durga, was helping him. The Original take on traditional techniques was bringing in many students as well as results.

18-Wlcome14. The new worldwide center of independent spirituality and free belief was built as a consequence of the persecution by materialistic faith in his own country. Rishikesh retreat center has developed In the middle of a jungle on the Pacific cost.

17-Paradise15. Master’s uniqueness as well as the place itself attracts students and supporters from dozens of countries. In the shadow of palm trees and resonance of the sea surf, he teaches his students to discover their hidden talents and the power of their own heart.

16-Surfing16. His teaching style entertains and motivates to grow at the same time. He teaches his disciples to sense the vibrant power of ocean and spiritual principals through surfing and surftantra.

25-Teaching at the pyramids17. With fast increase of students, the spiritual center has been growing. Places for meditation, relaxation and for workshops are being formed. You must be already familiar with his teaching by the pyramid from world media.

22-Dharchan18. A highlight of these international workshops is the ritual of sacred darshan, led by Guru Jara. It brings experiences of higher states of consciousness and great blessings for all the attendants.

24-Arrest-19. In May 2015, a police commando brutally interrupted the Japanese seminary when they came to arrest Guru Jara with machine-guns in hands shortly after the daybreak. At that moment, Master was meditating under a sacred tree.

27-Writing a book in prison20. In high mountains or crowded halls, in ashram, the same as in the inhuman conditions of the detention cell, Guru Jara, on the edge of life and death, is still walking his path, his Spiritual Trekking. He teaches, passes on and lives what he had experienced in the pyramid, hermitages and travels across the world.

28-Writing a book in prison during a fight21. There is no physical limitation for his mission and fulfilling of his life story. He wrote a new book for his disciples called Metaphysical Bars, which authentically captures the atmosphere of the tropical jail. Funny stories as well as profound doctrines both introduce us into his fascinating teachings.

29-Teaching at the prison22. Guru Jara’s disciples visit him devotedly in Manila prison and regardless of the tragic environment of “the cage for visitors”, they experience high spiritual moments with their beloved Master even here.

return_freedom23. They all believe that “The Truth and Tantra will conquer the lies and corruption” and Guru Jara will soon be free so that he can meet his students in the ashram, Paradise, or in another lovely place on earth, again.