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Guru Jara – Writer & Library

Guru Jara is an author of 20 books written in a very understandable, informative way. The experienced Guru shares various ancient teachings and techniques, which have been adapted for the contemporary human mind, heart and soul.


Most of his books were published in the Czech language and some of them are no longer available.

However, the publication of his latest book, The Metaphysical Bars, in English is coming soon.




The Metaphysical Bars

2016, 175p.

The tantric legend Guru Jara currently and authentically from a tropical jail

Impromptu, page by page, in the difficult environment of a Pilipino jail, this original neo-beat jewel that shows us the naked presence in the middle of the mixture of nationalities, hopelessness, hope and humor, came to life. It also encompasses unique doctrines accommodated to the current man and his needs. And the message it carries? In each moment in life, there is a possibility to extract the best out of the worst, if you don’t care about where you are but focus on who you are. You can read the book as either a thrilling story with a surprise ending or as an inspiration of how to include spiritual techniques into one’s life and, thus, pave your authentic path.



Casanova Sutra

2011, 544p.

The first, breathtaking, initiatory tantric novel. Sex, tantra, love, humor, suspense and pilgrimage presented by an extraordinary practical tantric, Guru Jara. How is sex related to spirituality? How to get on the wave that’s ours and don’t waste its energy? You will understand the mysteries of sex, yourselves, your desires, your loves and your life PATH. Read, laugh, daydream and make love with the novel Casanova Sutra!

Spiritual Trekking

2009, 404p.

A fresh cocktail of educational texts and pilgrimages. It complements the previous book, Déjà Vu Voodoo, with expert texts, and presents a unique guide across the Southern Asia, which not only takes you to places with no tourists, but also offers instructions, not published elsewhere, on how to work on these spiritually. Perhaps here, after crossing over a certain altitudinal limit while climbing your “personal mountain”, you will experience an inversion; the fog stayed underneath you and you are now experiencing sun, happiness and purity.

Déjà Vu Voodoo

2007, 414p.

This book is a three kilogram jewel that contains not only genius, crazy and expert breakthrough texts, even from the worldwide point of view, but also 108 photographs from all over the world and, mainly, presents more than 30 early collages that create the essence of the first level of horoscope according to the Astrofocus® method. The book has a beautiful, almost magical binding and has a large format so that you can enjoy the above mentioned photographs and Astrofocus® collages to the fullest extent.

The Liberation of Soul

2006, 163p.

osvobozeniIs a unique edition of a spiritual journal, which is unprecedented. It contains 48 absolutely original and made-to-measure Astrofocuses®, which are breathtaking, and 158 pages of extraordinary texts where Guru Jara speaks about reincarnation, feng-shui, dreams, ancient Egypt, astrology, death and so on. They are texts that will help you gain insight, broaden horizons and push the boundaries. That, which has seemed impossible before, is now becoming viable.

Caressing the Stars

2005, 122p.

Another one of the series of fantastic journals, not-journals; journal for the quantity of contained topics, not-a-journal for its timelessness. Full of the scent of distance of pilgrimages, stories, astrology, feng-shui, yoga, life.

The Ideal Feeling

2004, 112p.

Is what you will experience after reading this number of Poetrie journal. It’s not your average magazine. Through this one, you will travel to the opposite side of the globe, look under the robe of Tibet and you will receive instructions on an original hermit’s pilgrimage. Astrofashion will give you advice on which color of clothes will bring you love, The Movie Review will recommend a magical movie, you can plan your vacations with the Go-to Review and the Book Review will recommend which book should you take on the road. The director of the travel series ‘Travelmania’, Viliam Poltikovic, will let you in on his pilgrimage after the secrets of Tibet. All of that in number 905.

The Medicine man of Nirvana

2003, 108p.

An absolutely phenomenal journal about traveling and spirituality. Feng shui like you haven’t seen it before – 6 magical advices for sweet living. ‘Astrowheel’ of destiny, a.k.a. the fragments from astrological consulting. Meditation techniques tailored according to astrological signs. Instructions on how to work with the PoeTree Tarot in several dimensions. How to reach enlightenment? This path is described by an ordinary woman Ješe-Li. In the end, the great Czech mystic of the 20th century, Eduard Tomas, will take you across the river of life.

The Stigmata of Karma

2002, 83p.


Another timeless piece of the Poetries collection from Guru Jára. Each of the journals has three parts – the first part, called Poetrie classic, focuses on Egypt and the magic power of its hieroglyphs, continues the journey through the ‘ Tea Pilgrimage’ or will furnish our living room with the help of feng-shui. The second part, called Kiss of the Crystal, clarifies the differences between mandala and jantra, guides readers to reach various levels of shamanic consciousness or teaches what tattoos can bring us. In the third part, readers will vanish away in the stories that elucidate the karmic level of the PoeTree tarot.



Poetree Tarot cards

2002, 3 sets

A set of 64 cards designed by Guru Jara based on his photographs and experiences, which he went through in 1995, during a night he had spent in one of the pyramids in Giza. The original tarot set is made of three parts of the so-called Major Arcana transferred to the Chinese I-Ting level. None of the cards is either only good or bad, the same as the happenings in our life, when victories often lead us to future losses and troubles eventually to happiness. Poetree Tarot is the ideal guide of a spiritual seeker through life crossings and the labyrinth of one’s being.

The Astral Arcana

2002, 84p.


A colorful palette of amazing texts with diverse topics: philosophical contemplations, spiritual pilgrimages, horoscope as a shamanic circle, mini review of feng shui, meditation techniques and mainly, the unique interpretation of the Astral Arcana of the PoeTree tarot. It is best characterized with a citation in the author’s epilog: “If we immerse our soul into the depths, if we leave the shoal of a public opinion, a rose path to eternity will appear in front of us.”

The Lightness of Dying

2001, 68p.

lehkostThe second volume of the magical journal Poetrie, this time named The Lightness of Dying, examines various magical and spiritual techniques for the modern man, which help us to make a stop, empty our mind and harmonize our soul. You’ll find the things that cannot be found elsewhere. Life after death, healing mantra for the heart, astrology through the changes of time and other unusual yet thrilling texts of Guru Jara. All of that in number 901.

Talent of the Heart

2001, 68p.


It is the first volume of the series of Poetrie journals, which map the travelling, spiritual and esoteric life. Starting with the Tea Pilgrimage, mantras, feng shui, astrology and the never ending. Because The Universe is infinite and this infinity emerges from each and every work. If we mention you will learn how to build a bed according to feng-shui, it would be much too little. If we mention you will comprehend the meaning of tarot cards, it would be much too little. If we mention you will learn what you are like according to the position of stars, it would be much too little as this journal doesn’t provide information only. This journal harmonizes lives. It’s enough to start reading and you will feel the magic of each word. You will feel how your problems are vanishing and transforming into hope.

Under the Arches of the Stars


Transcription of the practical teachings of Guru Jara. A book of little volume yet giant in what it brings to its reader, due to the depth of content. It’s dedicated to all of the sincere seekers of the real meaning of life. It contains the key answers to fundamental questions related to the fusion of personal growth with living in the ordinary everyday reality and finding one’s unique, fulfilling path. This book comes handy as a motivational incentive.

Pilgrim’s Golden Bulla


The more wistful, serious “sister” of the first Pilgrim to Eternity. In stories full of images and allegories, JaRa DoBe, known as Guru Jara, offers a gift in the form of techniques, observations, suggestions and recommendations for the Journey after the Desire of Soul. To search for it? Why? To find it? Where? To understand it? How? And to Live it… Here and Now.

The pilgrim to eternity


Guru Jara’s first book published in 1999. It contains selected works from 1988 to 1998. Aphorisms and Poetry and Conceptions and Information and Techniques and Observations and Stories… The Pocket Guide to Life! A light, tight style, a few minutes of reading and you have a place to come back to in your thoughts during the whole day… How can the author, Jaroslav Dobes, a.k.a. Guru Jara, huddle up so much wisdom into such a tiny book?… The Gift of Love. On the Journey.