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“Paradise” Ashram – Spiritual retreat of Guru Jara



“Heart, purified by meditation or prayer, is able to guide the human mind, energy and consequently also “materia”, or the material world, towards transformation of this Universe of millions of beings to wake up from the illusion of the material world. And this is the meaning of our lives.”

Guru Jara           .




Jara’s ashram was established in a magical place in the heart of the jungle on one of the Philippino islands. Right here, in the idyllic ambience of Paradise, the name ascribed to this area for centuries,
the enlightened Master passes on his innovative doctrine.
This international ashram is visited by yoga and tantra mentors from the USA, Japan and other countries. Frequent visitors also include people who wish to, perhaps for the first time in their lives, experience real, live spirituality, as well as people who work on improving their life and spiritual experience earned both in this and previous lives.


Guru Jara’s unique guidance pushes the boundaries and inner limitations. Besides the traditional passing of teachings through workshops, meditation and yoga, he utilizes the power of the ocean and teaches his modern techniques such as Surftantra, which teaches his students the ability to to catch their waves of opportunity and grasp them to the fullest potential.
Thanks to the tailored exercises, everyone can find their potential, either by practicing yoga on the roof of the ashram, during meditation in a cave, by the local pyramid or during a sunsire salutation with a prayer by the ocean…



A highlight of these international workshops is the ritual of sacred darshan, led by Guru Jara. It delivers experiences of higher states of consciousness and great blessings for all the attendants.


Several times a year, there is an opportunity to take part in a spiritual Retreat in the Philippines, which is designed not only for individuals, but also for groups of spiritual seekers from all over the world. The services provided are full encompassing, perfectly aligned with the program to enable attendees to fully focus on their spiritual journey


Accommodation is provided in lovely natural houses, which enable participants to fully connect with and enjoy the feeling of harmony with nature. The whole ashram complex and each of its parts is designed based on mastering the technique of Feng Shui and the ability to create a harmonious space and its energies in them, leaving a positive imprint and reflection on the inner self and feelings of students.


Everyone can choose from several choices of meals predominantly from Philippino and Japanese cuisine, which offer true Asian delicacies. There is also the option to choose a continental-style cuisine. The dishes are made up according to the teaching of the ‘magical exhibition of food’ that includes not only the influence on the physical body, but also complements the spiritual practice and supports our personal growth.



The ashram is located in an area reputed as a Surfers’ Paradise and thus provides a perfect location for surfing and many other activities full of deep connection with oneself, the ocean and nature. This unique setting allows oneself to experience a close connection with the interconnected energies of the spiritual and natural worlds and encourages in the discovery of one’s life path.
You can choose from several program levels. From safe hermitage in the middle of the jungle to a more liberal program including yoga, surftantra and workshops in the form of a spiritual spa, enabling you to recharge your inner power for an essential breakthrough of destiny.
You can also use the opportunity to ask for a personal audience with Guru Jara, who can give you answers to the questions no one else has ever answered before.



If you want to meditate, study and grow in the beautiful ambient and ocean wisdom of GURU JARA´S PARADISE,
contact us through



sengai1The ashram was established in a magical place in the heart of the jungle.

sengai_Guru_Jara_vyucujeThe enlightened Master passes on his doctrine and inspires his disciples and followers.


sengai_sattvaWith Morning Prayer, you can become a drop, which has the power of the entire ocean.

sengai6Thanks to the tailored exercises, everyone can find their potential.

sengai_jogaOn the roof of a temple, it is natural to practice yoga with an open heart.

sengai7A modern technique of Surftantra helps in catching waves of opportunities and grasping them to the potential.

sengai_MilarepaAccommodation in lovely natural houses helps to connect and feel in harmony with nature.

sengai_vlna_Guru_JaraGuru Jara’s unique guidance pushes the boundaries.


Paradise ashram opens the doors to new worlds.

sengai16The route to finding a life balance leads through mastering your fears.

sengai10Spiritual spa enables you to recharge your inner power for an essential breakthrough of destiny.

sengai_guru_jara_prednasiThe living legend Guru Jara will answer the questions no one else has ever answered before.



„Ashram that is like a Paradise, a place where His teachings come to life, an oasis where you touch the depth of your life
and a retreat where your spiritual experiences become a reality.”

Shankara, student of Guru Jara