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The persecution of Guru Jara



1995, after Initiation of Guru Jara in the Egyptian pyramid, he started working with the public and soon his work attracted hundreds of interested people. Even if he tought students from various countries of the world at that time, his activities mainly focused on his homeland, The Czech Republic, and activities for the public flourished in many cities and towns. He organized workshops, multiday seminars and retreats and there founded two of his spiritual centers – the monasteries. At the same time, a spiritual festival was created; his books weree published as well as the magazines Poetrie which were published periodically.
His impressive life and wisdom attracted mostly university-educated people who were impressed with the results of his work and unique doctrine combining spiritual wisdom with a modern approach, offering constant growth in their true life mission. For his students, he organized free spiritual pilgrimages to interesting places all over the world. At that time, the former president Vaclav Havel opened an opportunity to devote freedom of spirit.
In 1999, there were so many activities of Guru Jara that affected thousands of people. Based on the excellent results in the lives of these people, the Church obtained an amazing reputation. The anti-cult movement in the Czech republic started to register him and his followers very soon as the only ever-growing Church in the country, and focused on its liquidation. It began to manipulate and create false intrigue for all parties and looked for all possible ways to discredit Guru Jara and to deter other potential believers. As a well-known Czech actor said in one movie about the practices of STB: “Only a really stupid investigator uses physical violence. Just work with information and fear so people do what you want.” The anti-cult movement was horrified that the Church would be registered and would have even more social and political influence, making it much more difficult to liquidate it.
Note: According to a study of the Dresden University from 2012 called “FECRIS BOOK”, the anti-cult movements are present in most European countries and often in cooperate with governments to systematically persecute and destroy alternative spiritual movements. By an inconspicuous but systematic manner, they generate reports using unsubstantiated assumptions or negative media image, which in the eyes of the public damage any alternatives.
But the growth of the Master’s activities was not stopped, so in 2000, the spiritual movement of Guru Jara was for its significance included in the catalogue of sects, which at that time was taken as a compliment. After the great and successful meeting of believers at the end of 2000, at the beginning of 2001, one of the Church monasteries was burned down.
The Master was not intimidated by the facts and continued his work. In 2001 he wanted to set up the Foundation of the Little Prince to organize spiritual festivals where esoteric matters and faith would be disseminated on a cosmopolitan level and other spiritual teachers would be invited. The office of sects also ruined this project. The Spiritual Festival organized by Guru Jara in this year had a great success. Journalists wrote about it very positively. The following year, the journalists were forbidden to write anything about the festival.
After various experiences of physical assault and brutal intervention of police forces on a similar spiritual seminar in the Slovak Republic, with regard to the safety of his students, in March 2007 Guru Jara moved permanently to Asia, where he relocated his spiritual activities. Teaching of his studies in the Czech Republic continued to be actively led by his longtime students.
Until the end of 2008, the spiritual school Poetrie, that was led by Guru Jara , had an excellent reputation. Many people loved its Internet activities, projects and workshops. In this period several girls began coming forward, warning the public of alleged sexual harassment of female students by the Master. This accusation of the students against a tantric master is the easiest pretext that fully complies with the scheme of internationally active Anti-cult movements. In the spring of 2009, these girls organized a public lecture to warn the public, where the Chief Representative of the Anti-cult movement in the Czech republic participated. It turned out that these girls, who formerly some of the closest students of Guru Jara and lecturers of Poetrie, were interested in discrediting the spiritual Institute Poetrie and steal “clients” for their newly founded school. Even then they didn’t understand that what attracts and motivates the students to grow is just the Light of the Master.
The enormous effort against formerly prominent lecturers continued in the form of intrusive phone calls, defamatory blogs and websites to cast doubt and to discourage a large part of the student base and resulted in the consequent closure of the institute Poetrie in 2010.
In October 2010, the longtime Church members decided to organize a new meeting open to the public. There was a large and successful seminar in Brno which was led by the Master from a distance. The mentioned organizations could not stand the resistance of the believers and followers of Guru Jara to their repression and decided to take terrible illegal action supported by governmental forces against the main mentors of Guru Jara’s teachings.
Few days after the successful meeting in Brno, in the early morning hours of October 19th 2010, a special commando of elite units intervened in the houses of all main Church mentors. They broke into the homes of thirteen academically educated and morally upright women, mentors and organizers of the Church in various cities throughout the Czech Republic at the same time. They thoroughly searched every corner of their homes and confiscated from them not only technological items (phones, computers, laptops, …) but also religious items (such as rosaries, personal amulets and holy books), even the books written by the Master available in public libraries.
Some mentors were taken into police custody, mothers were separated from their children, and were driven hundreds of kilometers away from their homes to the provincial city of Brno. During interrogations, police officers humiliated them, spat on their faith and intimidated them with many years of prison sentence. The open brutality and forcible conversion to materialist faith had begun.
With weapons in hand, the police confiscated nearly 250.000 USD, which were planned to be used to set up a new larger spiritual center, monastery. Many of these sources were from the sale of the original monastery and the insurance from the burned down monastery in the mountains. The police officers escorted the Church treasurer to the bank and, pointing a gun on her, and forced her to open the safe. Till now, they have not returned a single dollar. They arranged premises for this monstrous activity by forcing all the mentors (and most of the students of Poetrie Institute were interrogated unofficially) to sign a pledge of confidentiality under penalty of 40.000 USD, so the practices which has endured in the Czech Republic since the times of the STB, could remain forever secret. All of those innocent and kind women, teachers of yoga and spiritual teachings, have since been suffering from psychosomatic trauma. Government officials were sure it would be the end of the Church. But it was not.
Then the massive media slandering campaign started to discredit Guru Jara and his community in the general public eyes once and for all. Hundreds of false articles, reports and news in the Czech and world media, reminiscent of the the “witch hunt” of Inquisition, changed the social image of the movement. Guru Jara’s followers experienced a hell. Their families and friends turned away from them; they were fired from their work, living afraid to talk about their faith. Many of them did not last the social pressure and left. On the other hand, a period began which connected those who knew and remembered who Guru Jara is and what they experienced with him, to unite in a resistance movement. In 2011, they established a new spiritual center – an ashram in the Philippines, which immediately started growing rapidly and provided a special place where many students from all over the world could come to retreat. This is the place where Guru Jara publicly tought and transmitted his doctrine. Students from the religiously oppressed Czech Republic finally got what were longing for a lot of years, they were free to live and practice their faith here, something they could not do in their own country. Over the years, the center continued to grow into a unique international ashram and retreat.
This fact “bothered” the anti-cult movement perhaps more than anything ever before. In the autumn of 2014 came a fabricated trial and unreasonable sentence in absentia in a small provincial town of Zlin in the Czech Republic. The court proceeded without expression, without summoning witnesses in favor of the Master and with the absence of forensic experts with the necessary expertise. Several former Master’s closest disciples were involved in the trial. The defamatory media campaign continued.
In the spring of 2015, Guru Jara and his closest disciple Barbora Sri Durga were arrested in the Philippines. Just a few days later, the High Court in Olomouc quashed the judgment in its entirety for its lawlessness. There was pressure by the Czech authorities to deport both of them back to the Czech Republic. Because of a fear of religious persecution in the Czech Republic, they sought religious asylum in the Philippines. A few weeks later, there was an unsuccessful illegal attempt to forcibly deport Guru Jara back to the Czech Republic, despite the ongoing asylum procedure.
The passports of Guru Jara and Barbora Sri Durga were confiscated and, despite the presumption of innocence, they were depicted in many reports as dangerous criminals. Because of the influence by the Czech authorities they have been detained without a legal basis in the immigration detention center in Manila, Philippines, for over a year now. Given the media image and continuous operations of the anti-cult movement, the politicians and ministries of the Czech Republic have tried to distance themselves from the case. The Church, Path of Guru Jara, despite meeting all legal requirements, has been restricted from being registered. The registration has been postponed without valid arguments for over a year. By contrast, the Church was registered in the U.S. without any problem.
During the course of 2015, due to its glaring circumstances, the case began to be actively researched by various international organizations for human and religious rights – Czech Helsinki Comitee, Soteria International, Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l, FOREF. Soteria International presented lectures about the case at an international conference ESCE in 2015.  The field research in the Czech Republic and the Philippines is ongoing, while the Czech embassy repeatedly ignores the requests of international inspectors for a meeting or dialogue..


Hundreds of students of Guru Jara around the world, including the international human rights organizations, are trying to help both Guru Jara and Barbora Sri Durga to gain religious asylum in the Philippines, where they both have been living and teaching in Guru Jara’s ashram for several years